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About Us

Our Belief

Ivy International firmly believes that UK property is the best asset class in the world. We have made it our mission to help UK developers to deliver exceptional UK property investments to a global audience, differently.

Our specialisms


We oversee all elements of the off-plan investment process, from writing marketing literature, to managing agent engagement – We do it all.


We leverage internal data to introduce developers to hundreds of active global investment partners, with a focus on emerging markets.


We ensure the ongoing liaison with key distribution stakeholders is delivered in between developments – This is paramount to building trust for future projects.

Distribution done differently

Ivy’s purpose is to bring a developer’s investment strategy back within the company’s control, enabling the efficient distribution of high yielding investments to a truly global network of investors. We help build a capital raising blueprint that can be recycled for many more projects and years to come.

Ivy has been mandated with over £125 million of prime UK real estate, with much more in the pipeline.

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