Our Expertise

You build, we distribute

“We know the vast majority of developers are only partially engaged with the global capital raising network.”

Why do we do it?

A property development project is complex. Projects span across a number of different areas that require a number of specialist services – that in the majority of cases real estate professionals are not qualified to provide. Selling an investment is no different.

Property developers do not have the personal network or expertise in building a global distribution arm for the purposes of selling their investments, with many relying on a relatively small number of agents.

This introduces an unnecessary risk to the developer as the distribution arm is small and by definition undiversified. We know the vast majority of developers are only partially engaged with the global capital raising network. This is expected – Property developers are good at developing properties, not creating and managing an investor network.

Ivy International offers a suite of services that manages all aspects of the investment process for the developer, before and after the sale of the final investment unit.

We go way beyond selling investments to a global community of investors. We manage the often overlooked but important elements of fundraising, that are often crucial to ensuring that you stay ahead of competition.

Our solution is unique, simple and modern.

Exhaustive Service Offering

We look after all elements of the investment process, end to end, pre sale to post sale. This means all company internal resources can deployed into the development of the property – not the complex investment process. From selling the investments globally, to preparing digital and traditional marketing collateral, to keeping the investors warm for the next project – we do it all

Data Driven

We leverage data to drive an effective distribution solution. We seamlessly introduce real estate product providers to a truly global network of active property investment partners, with a special focus on emerging markets, such as Africa and South America. We combine this with content driven marketing with major news outlets that drives investor traffic directly to your company, mitigating expensive 3rd party costs. Not only that, but we then close the sale for you.


In an increasingly competitive world, the importance of maintaining a global presence has never been more important, particularly when it comes to staying ahead of competition. We provide developers with direct access to investors in all corners of the globe. With UK property being one of the most highly sought after asset classes in the world, we bridge the gap between providing global investors what they want – your investment, and what you want – selling all available units.

The developer retains control of the investment process

Uniquely, all of our services are provided internally from within the property developer’s company. This ensures that the developer remains in control of the investment process. Sales targets can be monitored closely – without the opaqueness that comes from outsourcing and in effect trusting to a 3rd party to ‘do a good job’.

The services offered are comprehensive, meaning Ivy International looks after all elements, including;

  • The preparation of marketing collateral
  • Anglo-Global investment network
  • The ongoing management and liaison of the investment network
  • The generation of interest derived from major news outlets
  • Close management of the conveyancing and transaction process
  • Key stakeholder post investment engagement

You build – We distribute