Our Company

The team at Ivy have extensive experience in the fundraising space. The Managing Director started his career at the largest financial institution in the world, before moving to a boutique, regulatory focused company. Here, he advised numerous SME property developers on the structuring of both listed and unlisted debt issues – to the tune of <£100 million. Whilst structuring the investments was challenging, the real difficulty companies faced was distributing the investment – in other words, raising the money.

After observing a myriad of different approaches to fundraising, a data driven solution was identified, developed and brought to market.

Ivy International helps property development companies reach investors from all corners of the globe. We hand pick specialist UK developers who target high growth areas of the UK and offer high yield investments. We then distribute the offer to hundreds of our capital raising partners around the world.

In an increasingly interlinked and competitive world, it;s paramount for a company to maximise its distribution reach and ensure there is a focus on emerging markets, whilst continuing to penetrate traditional channels.. We do that for you, from inside your own company.

Our aim is to bring a company’s investment strategy back into the company’s control, and help build a capital raising blueprint that can be recycled for many more projects and years to come.

Put simply, we raise you more money, quicker, sustainably.